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One of the first things I can remember about my childhood is listening to music with my mom and singing songs in the car. I come from a long line of gospel singers, so we spent many weekends on the road attending concerts and practicing for performances! That's why music became such an important part of my life at such an early age and why it still is. In middle school, I began playing flute and taking piano lessons. By high school, I was taking percussion lessons, playing drums in the marching band and performing for chorus and school plays. I also started taking voice lessons, which was one of my most favorites! Once I started college at UGA, I became a part of Glee Club, too!
I think music expanded my horizons and offered me opportunities that I would not have received otherwise. Not only was I able to travel to many places around the world for competitions, such as New Orleans and London, but I gained confidence in myself as a person and a musician. These are the reasons why I want my own children to have these opportunities with music. Josiah has taken music appreciation at school already and, after attending a music concert recently, he said he wants to learn how to play piano. I've taught my children the rhythm basics, but they will need more instruction to master instruments. This is why I was excited to find TakeLessons.com.

TakeLessons.com is the place to find local music and singing lessons. I did a search for our small town of Canton, Georgia and found 25 results within 20 miles of our house! I had no idea there were so many options. I was also able to learn about each of the instructors, giving me more insight into the person so we could find someone who was the best fit for our needs and a great match for Josiah's personality. You can even find in-home and on-line instructors!
Prices vary depending on location and length of each lesson, but TakeLessons.com has a great deal going on right now! You can receive 20% off any of their lesson packages from now until April 1st with the code: SPRINGMUSIC.

This is such a great opportunity for your children and I highly recommend checking out the website. Since 2006, TakeLessons has worked with over 30,000 students nationwide! Plus, there is a 100% money back guaranteed, so if your child does not enjoy the first lesson, they will find another instructor or refund your money. Not only can you find the lessons your child wants, but you can pay for the lessons and manage your account just by logging. It's so easy to use!

I remember when I needed to find a voice instructor and it was so difficult to find someone in our area. I actually had to visit a local college and search the music department in order to find someone, but not anymore! I love this resource and found it so helpful. I know it will be in the future when looking for Liam's lessons, too. He has already expressed an interest in learning the guitar and I would love for him to give it a try!

Do your kids express interest in learning how to play an instrument? Or do they love to sing? Check out TakeLessons and see what is available nearby! Don't forget to use the code SPRINGMUSIC for 20% off your purchase of lesson packages! 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for TakeLessons.com in conjunction with Mom Bloggers Club. All opinions written are my own.


Ari T said...

I grew up with a lot of musical opportunities, I was in the orchestra and I sang in the choir as well as taking piano lessons. I think learning any type of music can really help a child in numerous ways! It definitely boost my self-esteem, was a regular therapeutic outlet and kept me busy. Beyond that it's known that those that are involved in music do well in school and other endeavors. Takelessons dot com is actually what my family used just recently to find an instructor to teach piano to my younger sibling. The process of finding an instructor was easy and since everything is accessible online, there was no more worry about needing to remember to pay after each lesson. I would definitely suggest takelessons to anyone interested in finding an instructor that will cater to your requirements.

Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

I played the clarinet when I was younger and I look forward to putting my son in lessons.

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