Kroger Cart Buster Sale & #SelectYourOwnDeal Savings Event #CGC

Since I was in college and buying groceries on my own, Kroger has been my go-to grocery store. Even then, before I had children, I realized the deals they had were so great that I could save money on my small student budget. Thankfully, we've had a Kroger nearby everywhere we move because it is my favorite. Now that I have a family, I appreciate Kroger more than ever because I try to find the best deals and, with their promotions and Kroger e-coupons, I can save a bundle.

Speaking of promotions, the Kroger Family of Stores Cart Buster Sale Event has been going on since March 3rd and will continue until March 16th! This is one of my favorite events because you can save an amazing amount of money.  Many of my favorite P&G products are on sale, including Pampers diapers! Yes, Liam is still in diapers, but I never pay full-price for them, that's for sure, and during the Cart Buster Sale Event, I can save even more. I'm also a Tide fan and have used it since I was a child. Right now, it is on sale, too, and I am going shopping this weekend to stock up!

On top of the Cart Buster Sale, there is another surprise for shoppers right now. Login to your account for extra savings with Select Your Deal! When I logged in, I was prompted to get extra savings on one of 3 items!  The coupons are totally random, so I had no idea what would pop up. I had some awesome choices, including a FREE can of Iams cat food! How did they know I have a cat? I selected the cat food, of course! By selecting that one, it automatically uploaded as an e-coupon onto my Kroger card. I have my card on my key ring, so I just pop it out when checking out at the store and when they scan it in I get discounts and points for gas discounts, too!

Ready to take advantage of these awesome deals? Click Here to Select Your Deal. Then come back and let us know which coupon you chose! You can only do this with your online Kroger account, so be sure to register your card number for all the savings. You will love the website, believe me. Check in today to get your extra savings! Also, come back on March 15th for another coupon choice. So, even if you miss this week's extra coupon, just don't forget next week. Believe me, you don't want to miss this event!

Disclosure: I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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I chose Tide Boost

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