Fundraiser Auction For Liam Begins Wednesday at 10am

Hi, everyone! I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend. I wanted to let everyone know that Liam's Fundraiser Auction will go live on Wednesday, March 13th at 10am! We have some amazing items up for bidding that I think you will love. We have Zipz Shoes, a Aden + Anais baby package, gift cards, a Sibu Beauty Spa Kit, and much, much more!

We are holding this fundraiser on Facebook. Be sure to check it out by liking Children Teaching Mama's Facebook Page and going to our Fundraiser For Liam Photo Album. All the rules are under the first picture.

What will the money be used for? Liam has something called Neurofibromatosis, which causes tumors to form in his brain. He currently has 3 tumors and is going through extensive chemotherapy treatment to shrink the tumors. All money collected will go towards travel and medical expenses for Liam.

We thank all of the amazing sponsors who donated items and hope you will take a look and bid! Also, if you would like to donate for our next fundraiser or know someone who would, please email me at childrenteachingmama@gmail.com.


CarterFamilyof9 said...

This is going to sound silly, but I've never done an auction before. I do not have a paypal address, but I often buy things off etsy and so on using my debit card with a paypal checkout. Am I able to pay the same way for this auction and just give you my email address to send me an invoice and pay with my debit card like I would anything else with a paypal checkout or do I HAVE to have a paypal account?

The Freebie Junkie said...

Nice - can't wait for it to start

DealiriousMama said...

CarterFamilyof9- I am pretty sure I can use Paypal checkout, so no worries. When you bid, just leave your email address, so I can email you. We will figure something out. :) Thanks for asking!

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