NMEDA: Providing Assistance & Freedom For Those With Disabilities

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My cousin's little girl, Anna Kate, was diagnosed with something called Rett Syndrome, a diagnosis that would change their lives greatly over the next years. She is in the 50% category of those who cannot walk well and rely on a wheelchair to get her from place to place. As she gets older, she will need specialized  transportation to get from place to place. When I read about National Mobility Equipment Dealer Association, or NMEDA, I immediately thought of Anna Kate and how much their services could help her in the future.

NMEDA is a non-profit trade associated of over 600 mobility equipment dealers, manufacturers, driver rehab specialists and other professionals. Their mission is to provide and improve transportation options with people who have disabilities.  The members collaborate to modify and improve vehicles with specialized mobility equipment, such as hand controls, wheelchair ramps, lifts and much more! The ability to be mobile and to get around can greatly change someone's life! Can you imagine not being able to go shopping or even to the grocery store? NMEDA makes this possible for many people. visit a NMEDA QAP (Quality Assurance Program) Dealer for mobility solutions.

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In order to promote quality, safety and reliability within the mobility equipment industry, the Quality Assurance Program (QAP) was created. NMEDA dealers are required to earn and maintain their accredidation through QAP to ensure all vehicle conversions always meet specific quality and safety standards because they want to help people not only become mobile, but to also keep them safe. They follow the highest guidelines available in the industry regarding modification and installation.

To further help others, NMEDA QAP dealers also offer 24 hour local emergency assistance, on-site sales and support. They also offer in-person individual evaluations to assist others with their specific needs and to choose what services and modifications will be most suitable for them. Going through a non-NMEDA dealers means you will more than likely not receive this kind of quality service. 


You can visit the NMEDA website to learn more about them and to locate a QAP certified dealer nearby! If you know anyone who could benefit from these services, be sure to tell them about NMEDA, too. Having a wheelchair accessible vehicle allows people with disabilities the freedom they would otherwise not have. They can more easily lead a happy, healthy and active lifestyle. NMEDA is such an amazing trade associated and makes it possible for many people, including little Anna Kate to have the freedom and life they want and deserve!

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barkergirl33 said...

What a wonderful organization. We had a family friend who had recently had his leg amputated among other health issues,sadly he passed away last year-but for years we helped him get around and I know how incredibly hard it is to assist someone, then try and maneuver their chairs & scooters into the vehicle. I'm so glad this group is helping people and their families. ~Raine~

Karen Glatt said...

How wonderful that there is an organization to help people with disabilities be able to have the freedom to travel with their cars or vans modified. This does greatly improve someone's life. I will remember this site in case I know of someone who needs it.

Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

This sound like a great organization that could help people with mobility issues.

Ari T said...

Thank you for creating a post and informing others about this wonderful organization. I was unaware that such an organization existed, though I knew services exist to assist those that are immobile. It's great to know that there is a Quality Assurance Program within NMEDA so that every standard is maintained for safety and travel for those that do require travel assistance. I will keep this information on hand if I do ever come across someone who may benefit from this amazing program. Thanks!

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