Keep Up With Love, Life & Happiness With The New Twyxt App

Being a mom means staying on the go pretty much all the time. My husband is a lawyer and works a great deal of the day, so this does not leave much time for us to be together. Together alone? That's even less likely! Keeping up with our weekly schedule has become quite a problem and we often cannot remember what is going on with each other's schedules. It's simply and utterly frustrating. Well, it was, but now we have the situation under control with Twyxt, an app currently available at the iTunes App Store.

What is Twyxt? It is a modern and fun way to keep up with your partner! Twyxt a unique private network allowing couples to share information with each other. You don't have to deal with text messages that mysteriously disappear in cyberspace. With Twyxt you can message, share moods, photos, schedules and much more.

Our Thoughts
I cannot tell you how many times I've tried to text message my husband and never get a reply. I end up getting so angry at him and he didn't even do anything wrong... he was in court or meeting with a client. I just totally forgot! I love that Twyxt offers such an awesome way for us to keep in touch and share our schedules with each other through our couples calendar.
Couples Calendar
Since I am homeschooling the kids now, we participate in many fun activities and go on field trips often. With Twyxt I have been able to take nice pictures and send them to my husband so he can experience them with us. I can document our days and it's like he is there with us and can experience everything, too. He loves this feature!
Photo Album
Twyxt also allows couples to open up a bit to each other by sharing moods. Having a bad day? Need a hug? Just let your loved one know and maybe they will surprise you with something! My husband doesn't share his feelings aloud often, something I think many men do, but in the app they can do so without feeling embarrassed or like they are sharing too much. Knowing my husband had a long, tiring day is actually refreshing to me because I feel the same way sometimes. Plus, I can do something extra special for him when he gets home.

With Valentine's Day nearing, romance is definitely in the air and, after 6 years our love continues to grow. With Twyxt, we are, once again, able to keep up with our hectic schedules, send love notes to each other and have private conversations! Twyxt has been so helpful, romantic, and fun because it's something just for us, which is rare when you have children! Be sure to click the link above and give Twyxt a try with your partner to spice things up a bit and have some fun.

Disclosure: This post was written for Twyxt in exchange for compensation. All opinions written are my own. 


QueenB said...

Huh. This looks SO cool. I wonder if my hubby would use it.

Janet W. said...

Sounds like a neat app. Does it count against your texts?

Karen Glatt said...

This sounds like a great app to have and it really works to connect with your loved ones and they can get your photos and texts really fast! I am glad to hear that you really like it!

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