Keep Up With the Latest Apps & Programs For Our Phones & Tablets

When I was growing up, technology was booming with the first Gameboy system and Nintendo. Every few years something new would come out and everyone had to buy it. Now, it seems like something new comes out every few months and we must constantly stay on top of technology to keep up with everything. Plus, everything is smaller and more compact. My husband has to have all of the newest and up-to-date electronics and programs out there, so I hear about this all the time!

With an office phone that's a few years old, my husband recently had to get an android update because the older systems definitely limit the things you can do with your phone. We've come a long way from pagers and huge portable phones that weigh 10 pounds. My son just can't get enough of the apps we download on our phones and tablets. He would play all day if I let him and I'm pretty sure I could easily do so, too.

One of the newest additions to our phones is the officesuite pro, which allows us to view, edit and share important work documents even when we are away from the office. Most of the files I deal with are Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, so I used to lug around my laptop everywhere, but now I don't have to worry about that! My husband also has to be on the road often for work, so being able to view documents on the go really has been a lifesaver for him and also allows him to do more work from home, which the kids absolutely love.

It really is amazing how much is available just from our tablets and phones these days. I rely on mine more than ever before and never leave home without it. I'm sure you can relate! What program or app do you use the most on your phone or tablet?


QueenB said...

i rarely leave a room without a device in hand. sad to say. (well, sometimes.) its good to have technology although i crave a balance!

Thomas Murphy said...

I love finds new cool apps!

Harmony Burmeister said...

My kids love my phone and all the apps available. Not sure I could live without a smartphone :)

NenaS said...

I'm due for a new phone, too, it's amazing what you can do with a smartphone, isn't it?1

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