Boys and Girls Clubs of America Help With Back To School Needs

"Back To School" is obviously the theme for this month. Every time I talk to friends and family, that's the first thing they mention. Even before school began, we started planning. It takes a while to shift the focus and summer mindset, so we try to do so ahead of time.

There are many ways you can prepare children for back to school and I feel like we do them all!
Here are 5 ways we prepared for getting the kids back to school:

1. Get a good amount of sleep. Sleep is a must for health and to be ready for a new day. I can always tell when my kids haven't slept well because it greatly effects their overall attitude and ability to concentrate.
2. Take our daily vitamins. The kids take their gummy vitamins that also have an echinacea supplement to help fight off colds and other germs that are sure to be lurking around at school.
3. Eat well-balanced meals. It's important to get a good variety of meats, fruits and vegetables.
Josiah back at school!
4. Prepare throughout the summer. I know we should enjoy the summer, but do you know how much kids can forget over the summer if not prepped for the coming school year? I don't want my children forgetting important info, so we finds ways to incorporate education into summer fun!
5. Have all your back to school materials ready before school begins! Many schools have lists at participating stores, so you can pick up what you need. If not, talk to your child's teach to see what you should purchase. This way your child will start out ready to go!
Be sure to check out the BGCA website for more great back to school tips, including time management, setting goals and even tips for parents!

How do you prepare your kids for back to school?

Speaking of school supplies, some children just cannot afford the growing list of items needed to start the school year. That's why the Boys & Girls Clubs of America is partnering with Disney to launch the Tools For Back To School Initiative. This amazing program can be found online from August 1st until September 30th. You just go to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America website to participate in the pop-quiz game for a great cause. For ever 5 correct answers, a donation of supplies will be made to a Boys & Girls Club member. It's such an easy way to do something great for kids across America, so click on the link and do it. We did and it took all of a minute for us to answer some questions and help a child get the school supplies they need. Up to 30,500 supplies (15,500 minimum) will be donated, so let's help them get the maximum amount of supplies possible!When I took the quick, they were at 20,830, so there are still quite a lot of school supplies to be donated!

Purchasing for a great cause!

In addition, Boys & Girls Clubs of America have partnered with jcpenney. In August, you can join jcp cares and round up your purchase at the register to help benefit BGCA! We actually went shopping there a few weeks ago and were asked to 'round up' the remaining $.30 left on the dollar of our purchase. It's such a small amount to donate, so it's not like we miss it, though it adds up when so many people also participate. You will not believe how much has been donate so far this month: $1,196,801!! So, go shop at jcpenney this month and be sure to round up.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Boys and Girls Club. I received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate."


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