Top Ten Tuesday

So, I am a little late, but things have been a little hectic around here without the Hubs being able to help much! The blog has been marinating while I take care of business. :)
I've developed a bit of a routine with the boys over the past few weeks that has been working well, though the weather is finally cooperating once again so, this routine will not last much longer! Here it is:

Top 10 Daily Routine Events

  1.  7:30am - I hear Liam waking up so, I run to the kitchen and reach for formula and coffee! Liam and I both need our morning fix!
  2. 9am- Just as Liam starts rubbing his eyes and is ready for nap #1 of the day, we hear the pitter-patter of Josiah's feet down the hallway! :) 
  3. 9:30am- After Josiah has time to wake up a bit, drink some juice and I try to get him to eat something (usually unsuccessfully), it's playtime! We usually have art time, put together puzzles, play with cars and/or make blanket forts! 
  4. 11:30am - Lunchtime! I haul Liam, while in his bouncy chair, into the kitchen, which is finds absolutely hilarious! He watches and babbles comments while Josiah and I concoct something scrumptious for lunch, which is usually honey battered chicken strips, hot dogs, pizza, salad, or a sandwich at the moment! Once or twice a week we also make a dessert! Then we all eat! Liam is quite a fan of Peachy Pear Granola. Yummy!
  5. 1pm- Nap Time- I prepare Josiah a sippy cup of milk, Liam a bottle, take diapers back to the bedroom and give Liam his bottle all the while trying to get Josiah to be quiet and lie down. Liam finishes his bottle and I put him down in his room with his much adored musical teddy bear and them attempt to get Josiah to sleep for the next 30 minutes or so.
  6. 3:30pm- By this time both of the boys are usually up and ready for a snack and playtime! Then begins our impatient wait for Papa to arrive. Josiah often keeps an eye out at the window for that last hour. It's so cute!
  7. 5:30pm- Papa gets home and Josiah immediate runs and hides so Papa can seek him out! For the next few hours Josiah can't decide if he wants to love on Papa or be mean to him, payback for being gone all day even though he talks about Papa and misses him the entire time he's gone. Poor Papa. 
  8.  6pm- Time to eat dinner then clean dishes, fold clothes, clean the house, wash cloth dipes, etc. Woo! It's saved only by the fact that the Hubs is home and we talk about our days and play with the boys.
  9. 7:30-8pm- Liam's bedtime! He takes his final bottles and is out like a light as soon as I put him down with Mr. Teddy lulling him to sleep as he snuggles up to him and listens to the music. I kiss him on his forehead, say goodnight and have to make myself close his door as he stares back at me smiling. It's so darn hard to shut that door! Ack!
  10. 10:30-11:30pm- My night owl, Josiah, finally winds down for the night... and so do we. There was once a time that I'd stay up until about 2am after he went to sleep, but 7:30am comes too quickly and nap time doesn't! After Josiah's asleep I am usually out within an hour or two at the most. :) 
So, that's my day! Pretty typical most of the time, but there are always a few hitches along the way. Plus, some days we go out and about or picnic in the yard! I'm so glad the warm weather is once again heading this way. The past few days of rain and cold have been no fun for us.
On a happy note, though, the strawberry patch has very much enjoyed the rain and we've already eaten 4 deliciously ripe and sweet strawberries! How exciting! :)


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