Event Kickoff Contest: Name That Event

The moment you've all been waiting for has finally arrived! It's time for the big giveaway event to kickoff! The reviews and giveaways will begin next week. Today is the kickoff contest! Here are the rules and regulations:

How to enter: 
I need a fun, relevant, and creative name for my very first event. I am open to all names related to organics, babies, my blog, my children (my 2 yr old is about to celebrate his 3rd birthday in June), etc. Put your thinking caps on and enter your favorite ideas. 
  • You can enter as many times as you like by leaving a comment!
The prize package:
A Gift Basket of Goodies for Baby! 
  • Boudreaux's Organic Butt Paste
  •  Huggies Natural Bath Wash     
  • A Sample of Era Free & Clear  
  • Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion
  • Blue Gumdrop Pacifier 
  • Pottery Barn Kids Bear             
The contest is open to residents to all states and countries! This is one of the few open to ALL countries so, get your vote in and win some great baby items. :) 

To make the voting fair, there will be 6 judges and the suggestion with the most "likes" will be the winner!
If your email address is not viewable in your profile please provide it in your comment so I will know how to contact you. 
I am new at this so, this is a trial contest for me. If you have any questions, issues, or suggestions please email me @ writeroxie@gmail.com
The Contest ends Sunday, May 23rd @ midnight Eastern Standard Time
 Good Luck!



The Cooks said...

Roxie's Round-Ups / Roxanne's Round-Ups

Anonymous said...

what about:
birthday bash

debut delights

3 for 3 event (list like 3 giveaways each wk for 3 wks or something similar?)

The Cooks said...

Souvenirs from the Stinker

Green Goodies

Bountiful Babies

The Cooks said...

I like this one even better than I put before-
Green Goodie Giveaways!

charmedjed08 said...

Natural Lovin' Care Sweepstakes

charmedjed08 said...

Organic Baby Shower Gift Giveaway!

Studio threesixty5 said...

"Green with Envy"

shannon said...

i like green goodies from an earlier comment.

gaga giveaways?

becca said...

i'm a new follower, found you over at minnesota mama's site.

how about "earthly mama's good time giveaway week"?

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