Living Heart Healthy: Campbell's Soup Address Your Heart Campaign & Delicious #Recipes #HeartHealthy

As a mom on the go, it is so easy to fall into risky and unhealthy eating habits. I am, admittedly, guilty of eating fast food and other things I shouldn't, but 2014 is a new start for our family! My downfall is sugar and I cannot resist a gummy worm. However, we've decided to be a much healthier family all around. To begin, our entire family now takes vitamins, supplements and probiotics. We've also greatly changed our eating habits. We used to eat later at night than we should, we'd  eat unhealthy foods with too much grease and also eat out at restaurants too often. My husband and I made a promise to each other that we would start eating at home more often and that we'd eat healthier. Now that we hold each other accountable, it has been much easier staying with our heart healthy choices!

How does your family stay heart healthy? We eat mostly white meats and always include at least two veggies with each meal. In fact, while reading up on the Campbell's Soup Address Your Heart website, I read that research shows that eating 2.5 cups a day of veggies can greatly reduce risks of cardiovascular disease and cancers. Josiah and I love vegetables, but it has been quite a change for my husband and Liam. The Campbell's Kitchen website has some great Heart Healthy tips, delicious recipes and much more. In fact, we will be sharing some with you below. Eating three healthy meals a day is so important to our bodies. When you have picky eaters like we do, you have to experiment with foods often to find things they like and that is exactly what we do. Now that my husband eating more veggies, this has opened us up to trying all kinds of new recipes! We will be posting weekly recipes that we've tried. Speaking of great recipes, here are some photos and links to our favorites we want to try from the Campbell's website.

Broccoli Cheddar Rice

Grilled Bruschetta Chicken

Creamy Turkey & Vegetable Lasagna

Pork Medallions with Spinach & Barley

Tilapia & Vegetable Casserole

If you are ready to start cooking, be sure to visit the Campbell's Kitchen website for not only great recipes, but for money-saving coupons! If you try some of the recipes above or have a healthy treat to share, leave us a comment. We'd love to hear about it.

Disclosure: This post was written Campbell's Address Your Heart Campaign in conjunction with PartnersHub. Compensation was provided for writing the post. All opinions and thoughts included are my own.


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