What Is Natural Parenting?

Natural Parenting: the desire to live and parent responsibly and consciously
As you can tell, there are many ways to interpret the definition of natural parenting. Natural parenting means different things to different parents with the end result of reducing their carbon footprint by living eco-consciously and educating children to live the same way!

What Natural Parenting Means to Me
Basically, as a parent I wish for my family to live simply, healthfully and closer to nature. Researching for this post, I found many lists with the so-called rules of natural parenting, what one must follow in order to be natural. There are NO rules to natural parenting! You aren't kicked out of the club if you don't follow each and every suggestion!

I believe there are goals to natural parenting that each family must strive to reach! My goals are to live off of the resources nature provides, to rid ourselves of all unnecessary objects and influences, to teach our children to be respectful of the world around them and all the people in their world, and to raise them with love, patience and understanding. We try to watch a minimum amount of television, drive our cars only when needed and eat organically and locally when possible. We co-sleep, make educated decisions about our health care (vaccinations, medicines and other interventions), and believe there are benefits to unschooling.  My other future goals are to give birth naturally (hopefully that will be possible!) and to continue breastfeeding beyond the first few months. 

I generally don't like labels, though our parenting "style" does fit the ideals of natural parenting. We don't attempt to live by any guidelines, only doing what comes naturally to us. When Josiah was born we didn't start out co-sleeping, but once he started sleeping in our bed it just felt right so, he kept sleeping with us. There was a time when I worked and the Hubs was in school full-time so we were away from Josiah for most of the day, but now I am able to stay at home with our children, we've noticed a substantial change in their happiness and the bond and attachment we've all formed.

Over the past 3 years we've learned by trial and error and will continue to do so. Just like any parents, we just wish for our children to be happy and healthy, enjoying the world around them. 

What does 'Natural Parenting' mean to you? What do you consider your 'parenting style' to be?


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