Kids Konserve - Upcoming Giveaway & Coupon Code

 I recently stumbled upon a wonderful eco-conscious company called Kids Konserve. Two women started the company in order to address the amount of trash accumulated in schools. Think about it! Each part of your child's lunch is individually wrapped, in a box, or some other disposable container. That makes for tons of trash during only one school year. Kids Konserve challenges schools to cut down on trash and even offers a program for schools to receive discounts on their products.
The BPA free, non-toxic reusable products by Kids Konserve are centered around lunchtime- lunch sacks (with different designs for children and adults!), stainless steel containers, snak packs, and more!
I'm happy to announce that Kids Konserve will be hosting a giveaway during our next event this summer! One lucky reader will win a set of their awesome Stainless Steel Containers worth $26!!
Until then, feel free to surf their website and do some shopping. They have provided my Children Teaching Mama readers a 15% coupon code for each purchase you make!  
Just enter code summer15 (ends 6/30) when you check out!
** Bonus Offer- Make a purchase from now until the beginning of my next event and earn 10 Entries for all of my Summer Event Giveaways! 


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