Top Ten Tuesday

Inspired by all of the wonderful organic products we've had the pleasure of reviewing recently, my top 10 reasons to go organic.... even though I could list hundreds! :)

Top Then Reasons to Eat Organic Foods

10. Organic foods just taste better! In all honestly, organic food often has a totally different flavor, especially baby foods. Have you ever noticed the difference in colors between organic and non-organic baby food? One has artificial coloring to make it more orange along with artificial sweeteners and other preservatives. Eww!

9. Organic farms build healthy soil. Since I've started planting fruits and veggies, I've read about the importance of crop rotation and it's necessity for future crops to grow. There are a variety of safety standards organic farmers must use in order to be considered Organic, all of which promote healthy soil.

8. Ethical treatment of animals! If you've ever seen pictures or read articles about the unethical treatment of animals on farms, it could possibly put you off meats for the next decade. Organic farms practice free-range techniques, allow their animals to graze, and do not keep them bunched up in small pens

7. Pesticides and Chemicals used for non-organic farming can harm our water supply. Many people are concerned about the runoff of chemicals actually effecting our water supplies. Considering the fact that where I live several people get fresh water from wells and creeks, that could present a huge problem. Plus, the chemicals can harm fish and other aquatic animals. 

  6. Buying organics promotes research. How? Organic producers must find new and innovative techniques each year to continue crop growth without using pesticides and other unsafe methods used by industrial farms. Many farmers have paved the way by researching and conducting their experiments on their own farms and at their own expense.

5. Organic Farms promote diversity and biodiversity. Have you ever been to an organic farm and are suddenly surrounded by all sorts of creatures, big and small? Studies have suggestions many animals, from birds to earthworms, much prefer organic farms due to the lack of chemicals and other farming techniques! Also, sustainable farms rely on a much wider variety of farm animals, not just the usual suspects found on industrial farms. 

4. Organically grown foods are more nutritious! Studies have shown that organic fruits and veggies contain 50% more nutrients, minerals and vitamins! 

3. You support small and/or local farms! Find an organic farm near you and buy from them. Your purchases help them maintain their high standards of care for animals and techniques for organic farming. Trust me, you can find an organic farm near you or your local farmer's market. I live in the middle of nowhere and there are 2 organic farms and a farmer's market within 15 miles of my house!
2. You don't have to worry about ingestion of pesticides, chemicals, hormones (human growth, etc.), antibiotics, and genetically modified foods, which can cause a number of health issues including cancer, obesity and Alzheimer's. Enough said, in my opinion.

1. We must protect future generations! If not for yourself, go organic for your children and future grandchildren. According to the Organic Trade Association, the average child  is 4 times more likely than an adult to ingest 8 of the widely used cancer-causing pesticides in foods. Not only do we need to eat organics, but we need to become eco-conscious and teach future generations to do the same. 

Does your family eat organics and use organic products?


Annie said...

I need to show this list to my DH lol! He insists that organic is a waste of money. Personally if it wasn't such a price difference I'd buy all my produce organic and he would be easier to persuade :)

Great list!

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