Raise Money For Your Child's Soccer Team With the Ritz Bits Snack For Your Champion Program #RitzBitsTeams

This is a sponsored post through Global Influence. All opinions are my own.

I grew up in a family that absolutely loved sports, so when I was old enough, I couldn't wait to participate in team sports in our town. I played basketball, softball, and soccer for many years. When my nephew started expressing an interest in playing soccer, I was excited, to say the least, but when my own son, Josiah, wanted to play, I was overjoyed! Team sports are such a wonderful way for kids to interact, exercise, and just have fun!

For myself, I could stay outdoors for hours on end, but my son, Josiah, is a bit introverted and likes to stay in his shell. However, team sports have really helped him break out from his shyness, make friends and really gain the confidence he needed to succeed. Just this year I've seen such a change in his attitude, his happiness and even his success in school. His "I can't do it" attitude has disappeared and he is much less afraid to try new things. I'm just amazed at how much his has grown over this year and I can't wait to see his little personality develop even more as the years continue.
Team sports are so much fun for the entire family, but there has to be funding available for these teams, right? We often tend to overlook those little items, such as uniforms and equipment, but they add up very quickly. That's why we were so happy to learn about Pear, which is an easy, user-friendly online platform that helps fund youth soccer!

How does Pear work?
PearUp.com is a completely free social engagement platform that helps groups earn sponsorships from brands! Basically, Pear does all the work for groups and organizations within communities by matching them up with sponsors, making the entire process simple and worthwhile. Here's a video about Pear and how you can use it to find sponsorship for your community youth soccer teams.

Here's where Ritz Bits comes in! They began the Snack For Your Champion Program and want to sponsor youth soccer teams across the country! In fact, they are offering more than $100,000 for youth soccer teams, which can be in the form of team apparel or a donation for team/league fees. Sounds amazing doesn't it? Well, there is no catch at all. Ritz Bits wants to generate goodwill in the youth soccer community because they realize the importance of youth soccer teams just as much as we do.

Now, here is where YOU come in! 
The video above tells you exactly how Pear works, so be sure to watch that! Then, go to the Pear website and make your own "Pear" to start earning money for your soccer team. Each team can earn up to $1,000 within 10 days! How do you earn money? There are many ways to earn dollars and, after signing up, the steps will be there for you and other team members to complete. These include things like following Ritz Bits on Instagram, subscribing to an email, and liking them on Facebook. The more tasks completed, the more money earned for your team! All of the ways to earn money are so easy that there are already over 1,700 participants and 250 Pears earning money.

Do your children participate in a community youth soccer team? 
If so, you now know about an amazing opportunity. If you know anyone else who could benefit from this amazing sponsorship with Ritz Bits, please be sure to share this info with them! Some of our friends have already begun a Pear and would love some support for the SC Del Sol Banat 99 Girls Team, too.


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