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This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Giving Comfort blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. A little over a year ago we learned that Liam's diagnosis of Neurofibromatosis was causing brain tumors to form. Shortly after he had his port placed and was ready to begin chemotherapy. 
Liam getting his port placed for chemotherapy.
Now on his second round of chemo since the first did not work, we go to his doctor for chemo every Thursday and he is such a brave little man. Some days are great, some are good and others are just plain horrible. Some days his little smile shines so bright and uplifts everyone's spirit while other days he feels tired and sick, making all worry and feel down.
At the doctor with Ralph the dog!
Treatments can be such a scary time for cancer patients, especially when just beginning, not knowing what to expect and experiencing the worst of the side effects. I remember that feeling all too well and sometimes still feel that way. I know Liam does, too, because there are some days he just doesn't want to go to his appointments and I really can't blame him. It's so important for all cancer patients to feel supported, loved and to know they are not ever alone in the fight. With that in mind, Giving Comfort, a nonprofit program of the McKesson Foundation, was created.

Giving Comfort gift kids are made to provide special comfort for your loved one when they need it the most. The kits come with a variety of items from socks and blankets to books and lip balm. All of these items help not only pass the time during chemo treatments, but to also ease the side effects. You can choose from so many different kits depending on what you think your loved one would enjoy the most. Taking a look on the Giving Comfort website, there are some amazing kits not only for children, but also for teens, men and women.
The Women's Essentials Kit
Nothing makes me feel as great as when I see Liam smile and hear is adorable laugh. His happiness is infectious and that's why I choose a Giving Comfort kit just for him. There is a Younger Boy's Essential Kit, which includes a custom pillowcase, blanket, sleep cap, socks, a coloring book with crayons and more. However, I decided on the Teen Boy Kit because it contained items that would be great for Liam and his brother, Josiah. Josiah acts as Liam's guard and protector, sitting patiently by his side during treatment and taking care of him at home. They are always playing with each other and are best friends, so I knew they could enjoy the kit together. It contains:

  • 365 Brain Games Book
  • $10 iTunes Gift Card
  • Ear Buds
  • Striped Beanie
  • Black Cinch Bag
  • Grey Plush Rolled Blanket
  • Queasy Pops
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Burt's Bees Lip Balm
  • Blue Aluminum Water Bottle
  • Blueberry Bissinger's Gummies

I couldn't wait to receive the kit and love the idea behind Giving Comfort. All cancer patients should receive one of these kits. When the kit arrived, it was already in a Giving Comfort gift box and ready for someone to open as a gift. The boys were so excited, especially Liam! We always take an iPad to treatment to help pass the time, so he was very excited to have some credit for new games. Plus, he can use the earphones to keep the volume down in the waiting room. Lollipops are his favorite type of candy, so he also loved the Queasy Pops, something I enjoyed while pregnant with him, too. The blanket is another favorite item because it is super soft and snugly. It can get cold at the hospital and having a soft, warm blanket with us is perfect. Josiah was excited about the 365 Brain Games Book, something else we can do together during treatment times. We are at the doctor for hours at a time, so many of these items will be perfect for us to enjoy and to make the appointments bearable. 
Liam's infectious smile & happiness!
Giving Comfort Care Kits are such a great idea and really brightened Liam's day. Not to mention, we can use the items for many, many more days in the future. Seeing that smile spread across his face every time we get another treat out of the box just makes this kit priceless, in my opinion. Watch the video below to see how it brightens the day of an adorable little girl.

Do you know a friend or family member that has cancer and is receiving treatment? 
Giving Comfort has kits for everyone and each kit contains unique items for your loved one. Be sure to take a moment to look at this amazing care kits. They make for a perfect and thoughtful gifts that will not only be used, but appreciated and remembered forever. 

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Danielle Harper said...

This is truly awesome and I can only imagine how uplifting receiving one of these thoughtful kits would be to someone enduring cancer treatments.

Courtney B said...

aww this is a great thing to do my great friend died from cancer a couple days ago, so cancer really does effect everyone.

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