Take Medications Correctly & On Time With The Care4Today Mobile Health Manager App

When I was younger, my medicine cabinet was pretty sparse with maybe some ibuprofen and allergy medicine. These days, our cabinet overflows with medicine. My oldest is in first grade and brings home little viruses every month it seems, which means we always have cold and allergy medicines around. I have 3 medications for arthritis and my husband takes medicine for his high blood pressure. Plus, I haven't even mentioned all of Liam's medications that are ever-changing.  Nearly 70% of Americans take at least 1 prescription drug. Keeping up with all of the medications is sometimes a bit overwhelming and I have to admit it is definitely hard to remember who took what and at what time they should take medicine again. I think this is something all parents stress out about! Thanks to The Motherhood, I had the opportunity to learn more about a new innovative app available the Apple App Store and Google Play called Care4Today that can take all the stress out of keeping up with medicines. Don't have a mobile device? You can also register an account on the Care4Today website.

What is Care4Today?
Care4Today is a messaging platform that offers users a free way to schedule medication reminders for their prescriptions. This two-way secure messaging platform works with almost any mobile device. If you don't have a mobile device, you can sign up via computer! Once signed up, you can input each of your medications (which can be prescription or over the counter) into the app along with the directions for usage and more. I think this is such an amazing app and has made life so much easier for our family. Why? Because I can not only keep up with my own medications, but my family's, too! You can easily add family members and their medication information, including the quantity of medication, which helps the app alert you when you are about to run out and need to refill. You can even enter the amount of refills you currently have and set a reminder a few days ahead of time so you can call the pharmacy, something you can actually do from within the app!
Reminder to take my fiber pill at night!
 You can add up to 15 people to your account, but luckily I only have to worry about 3 others, thank goodness. Can you imagine keeping up with medicine for that many people? I would really be a stressed out mess without this app. Did you know 4 in 10 adults in the U.S. are caring for another who has significant health issues and over 25% of children in the U.S. take medications for health conditions ? We fall into these categories since Liam has Neurofibromatosis and takes several medications along with his chemotherapy. Along with his weekly chemo appointments, we also have other doctor's appointments and medications to keep up with. Now I have all of his information in one place, so when we have to update his information or fill out forms at a new doctor, I can easily access all of the current info via my phone. I can never remember all the medications and this app could literally be a lifesaver.
Care4Today is a great way for family members to help and support each other stay on schedule with their medications! This is something we especially need because my husband often forgets to take his medicines for high blood pressure and heartburn. He also skips doses some days because he feels okay when he really should take them every day. I have also skipped medications in the past because I've been too busy or just plain forget. Now both he and I receive text message reminders about taking medications. That way we can encourage each other to take medications and to continue being healthy! This has worked so well and I don't think either of us have missed any doses lately.
You can see what medicines you have taken each day!

Take Medications & Support Charities
Care4Charity is a new feature for the app, which gives each Care4Today member a chance to not only stay healthy, but to really make a difference and give back to those in need. By taking your medication each day on time and logging it in, you are able to earn money to donate to one of three charities thanks to Janssen Healthcare Innovation. These three charities are the American Diabetes Association, AIDS United and Save the Children! JHI has committed a minimum donation of $20,000 to each charity and a maximum of $90,000 to all of them, meaning the possibility for $150,000 in donations just by being responsible and taking your medications safely and on time. That alone is motivation enough for me to keep up with my medications. Plus, as time goes on, Care4Today plans on adding other charities to the list, so members will have more choices. I am hoping they will add Give Kids The World since they have done so much for our family and other families like ours.

So what are you waiting for?? Go and download the Care4Today App right now. Get healthy and give back to a charity!

This post is sponsored by The Motherhood on behalf of Care4Today- and all opinions are my own. 


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