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I always love going to baby showers, birthday parties, weddings and other special events that have tappas and little finger foods before or during the event. These special occasions have given me the opportunity to not only try new foods, but to discover some delicious treats that can easily be found at our local grocery store. Many, many years ago I went to a shower with my mom and as we were rounding the food table I noticed some crackers with different cheeses I'd never seen before. This was the first time I'd tried a Triscuit. I'd heard of Triscuit from the movie BIG, but I had no idea what they were.

Since that day, I have been a Triscuit fan. My mom often had them stocked in our pantry because they made for great after-school snacks. This is why I was excited to hear about the newest additions to the Triscuit family, which are made with brown rice:

  • Brown Rice Triscuit seasoned with Tomato & Sweet Basil
  • Brown Rice Triscuit seasoned with Sea Salt & Black Pepper
  • Brown Rice Triscuit baked with Red Bean seasoned with Roasted Red Pepper
  • Brown Rice Triscuit baked with Red Bean seasoned with Savory Red Bean
  • Brown Rice Triscuit baked with Sweet Potato seasoned with Roasted Sweet Onion

Don't they all sound delicious? We received the Sweet Potato, Sea Salt & Black Pepper, and Red Bean versions of the Brown Rice Triscuit. Not only are these made with brown rice, but made with real food ingredients like sweet potatoes, a veggie my children love. The ingredients are shredded just like in the Original Triscuit, woven together and backed into each delicious cracker.

What did we think about the new Brown Rice Triscuit versions we received? It's a tough decision, but I think the Brown Rice Triscuit baked with Sea Salt & Black Pepper are my favorites because they are similar to the original, but the added salt and pepper give it an extra kick and flavor boost. I am pretty sure I tasted a hint of garlic as well.

My kids love the Brown Rice Triscuit baked with Sweet Potato seasoned with Roasted Sweet Onion the best. The sweet potato adds a sweet flavor to the saltiness, which satisfies the need for salty and sweet. I love that! It still has that crunchy goodness Triscuit is known to have, but the sweetness adds the ability to pair well with different ingredients, such as the fig and gouda topper recipe I found on the Triscuit Pinterest page. Gouda would be a perfect topper for these and is something I am definitely going to try out. The Red Bean Triscuit crackers are also good and I think these would be great with a cheese and salsa pairing or maybe even guacamole or avocado slices with tomato.

So, a few months ago I found a delicious Mediterranean Chicken recipe and decided to edit that to make the sauce into a perfect Triscuit topper, which turned out perfectly. Here is my recipe:

Mediterranean Triscuit Topper
Ingredients Needed:

  • 2/3 cup shredded Cheddar cheese
  • 1 can reduced-fat, reduced-sodium condensed
  • cream of celery soup
  • 1/4 cup zesty Italian salad dressing
  • 4 slices bacon, cut into small pieces
  • 2 tbsp Dijon mustard
  • 1/2 cup reduced-fat milk

First cook the bacon on medium until brown and crisp. Then, set the bacon pieces on paper towels to drain. When cooled, cut into smaller pieces. Use one Tablespoon on the back drippings and combine with the cheese, soup, milk and mustard until well blended. Bring it to a boil and cook for about 5-10 minutes and turn of the burner for sauce to thicken. Once the sauce is thickened, it can be spooned onto your Triscuit crackers to make a delicious topping. Then, top the sauce with the bacon pieces! (If you like olives, these can be added to the recipe as well.)

This is such an easy recipe and will definitely be a hit at your next party! I really think it paired well with all of the Triscuits we received, but went especially well with the Salt & Pepper Triscuit crackers. I love that the Brown Rice Triscuit crackers are 100% whole grain brown rice and wheat. Plus, they contain no high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oil, cholesterol or artificial flavors often found in other products, so I can feel good about serving these to my family, friends and guests as a healthy snack or appetizer.

As I mentioned above, there are some great recipes on the Triscuit Pinterest page. They teamed up with Rocco DiSpirito to create some unique and delicious topper ideas. Be sure to check these out along with their Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up with the latest promotions, coupons and more!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Triscuit. I received products to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.


Trista said...

These sound yummy...I love using triscuits with my tastefully simple products :-)

QueenB said...

i really want some of that topping NOW please :)

Kay Maher said...

I've never been a fan of Triscuits but the sweet potato ones sound really good! I may have to give them another try!

Mimi B said...

I saw these recently at the grocery store and they looked so amazing! Your recipe sounds delish! My boys and I are going to have to do some taste testing!

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

I've tried the one with red pepper before and it was really really good. I'll have to try the others, PLUS your yummy recipe!!

fancygrlnancy said...

I'm not always a Triscuit fan but the flavor ones are really yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Amy said...

Your topping looks Good! I havent seen these yet on the shelfs, maybe i'll look for them - i know the kids like Triscuits

Stacie Bass said...

Those sound so good! I'm definitely going to have to be on the lookout for the Tomato and Sweet Basil ones!

Laura Grace Andry said...

That looks really good and super simple. It would made a great app for a party. I love finger food when entertaining.

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