Parents Palooza - A Great Time Had By All

Parents Palooza, the family event and parenting expo of the year in Atlanta, took place this past weekend and I had the honor of attending and being a part of it's very first year. Unfortunately, I was sickly, but I pressed on and still had a ball, met some wonderful people, and can't wait for next year.
Here are some pictures:

That's me with my awesome Children Teaching Mama sign courtesy of BuildASign.com! It looked wonderful.

This is me getting ready for the Saturday rush! I was putting all the freebies out on the two tables. We ended up having a ton of great freebies from LifeNest, Children Teaching Mama, Happy Baby, Spry, Boiron, Lansinoh, and Kroger!
This was the huge giveaway package, including items from LifeNest, Natursutten (pacifiers & teething ring), Skoy Cloths, Happy Baby (coupons & baby book), Lansinoh (Affinity Breast Pump & Accessories), Spry, EcoMom ($50 Gift Card) & Zoe B! The prize package was worth OVER $500! Wow! Thanks to all of the wonderful sponsors! LifeNest is such an awesome product, which keeps baby elevated and reduces the chance of suffocation (with a soft mesh backing if they roll over). We were so excited to have it on display and think it is a MUST for newborns and infants!

This was my weekend helper, John! He came to help out since I was sick and the hubs had to work. Thanks, John! I couldn't have done any of it without him, for sure, especially lift all of those boxes.
Of course, we couldn't sit still the entire time. There was so much going around us, a circus, TumbleBus, RockBand competitions, and that's not even one row of fun!

Yes, be jealous, I met Slangman. Do you even know who he is? Fine. He is on PBS, thank you very much! He's super nice AND sponsoring a future giveaway of his children's foreign language through fairy tales books.
So, if you watch PBS like we do, you will definitely know who this band is, right? It's Laughing Pizza! You may not know their name, but you would definitely recognize their songs, which are played in between cartoons and such during the day. Josiah loves them so, he got a t-shirt AND I'll be attending the Laughing Pizza show this fall... which means a prize package giveaway for you guys, too! Yay!

Well, that's about it! The weekend went by much too quickly, but we'll have some great giveaways coming up after my March event. I've already talked to the organizer about next year's event and, believe me, you won't want to miss it. Plus, there will be a ton of early events to help advertise Parents Palooza and give everyone a chance to win some goodies.

If you are coming here to find out the winner of the Mama-To-Be Package, check back tomorrow afternoon. The winner will be chosen and posted by then. Oh, and thanks to several of my readers who stopped by! It was so exciting to meet everyone.

Thanks to all of the wonderful sponsors! We really appreciate your help and love spreading the word about helpful and innovative baby products. 


Holly said...

We had a great time too! Posted my blog about it last night. Thanks for the tickets! Stopped by your booth but you weren't there. Hope you're feeling better!

~ Noelle said...

Had a great time! It was so nice to meet you there! Hope you are feeling better now! :)

GreenReviews said...

Holly- Sorry I missed you! We didn't stay the entire time the first day and walked around a little bit. I feel much better now, thanks! :)
It was nice meeting you, too, Noelle! I'll definitely be in touch!

BobblesPeanuts said...

great blog--glad i found this! did "grab your button" for my blog too!!!

Lisa said...

How fun!!!!

~ Noelle said...

who won?!
I am dying to know..
I would love to win it, but feeling not so lucky!
Who was the lucky one?!

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