Kids Going To School Soon & Other Thoughts

Josiah will be starting preschool this year and I've already been thinking about his future education. It's amazing how early one must begin planning a child's future education, some (in bigger cities) must begin even before birth! We actually live in a rural area, which brings about other issues, such as where to get the best education, what educational supplements we can use, etc.

I know we all want the best for our children and that's why it's important to give children the encouragement they need to succeed, as well as the resources to reach that success. I want my children to have access to any and all information and help they need with their studies. I know, realistically, that I may not be able to provide the help needed for my children to succeed in all subjects, especially when it comes to upper-level math courses.

StudyPoint actually provides many educational resources and tutoring for ages K-12, including Math tutoring, SAT tutoring, ACT tutoring, language skills tutoring, and much more! Parents can even download a free college admissions guide.

Why do I recommend StudyPoint over other online programs? Their services are available in cities around the US, including Atlanta (near us). They have also been named, once again, to the INC 5,000 fastest growing private companies in the US. However, their true success is measured by the amount of help they have provided for students. They have helped and encouraged over 13,000 students across the US to increase their test scores, study skills, and confidence to succeed. What more, as parents, can we ask for? I will definitely be making use of their services in the near future!


Lisa said...

education is a hot spot for me. we live a horrible district, but luckily so far we've had pretty great teachers!

House in the Trees said...

We were home schooling up until this year. The transition was more difficult on me than my little one. I strongly believe in parental involvement within the school and have seen the influence it can have. Volunteer as much as possible. Our teachers and administrators love it, and the kiddos do too!

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