Curing Sun Fungus with Ketoderm

Surface of the human skin is real heaven for microbes. Warm, moist skin is the perfect place for growth and development of fungus. Sweat, fat and dead cells feed billions of tinny organisms. In most cases, we are not even aware of them. But, under certain circumstances fungus, which belongs to our natural flora, can get out of hand and cause certain diseases. One of these conditions is tinea versicolor or sun fungus.
This disease is known also under the name pitryriasis versicolor and it is a chronic surface infection characterized by similar, discolored spots on the upper parts of the body, neck and arms. Doctor Medica and other medical professionals call it a surface disease because it affects only the upper parts of epidermis. Spots appearing on patient’s body are of the same color.

Sun fungus is caused by fungus such as Malasssezia globosa and Malassezia sympodialis. These microorganisms are dimorph which means that they can obtain several different forms. Funguses live only in fatty acids that can be found on human body. This is why we can find it on parts of our skin that are extremely full of fats such as face, chest, upper back and shoulder. It is present in outer layers of skin which we call stratum corneum and which consists of dead cells and hair follicles. Given that fungus cannot penetrate deeper layers of the skin, they will not cause any severe inner infections.

Like any other type of fungus, this disease is common for summer. In tropical regions, it is present during whole year. People, who are prone to this illness, may suffer from it each and every
summer. Hot and moist environment can facilitate development and multiplication of these organisms. Disease is most common for individuals who are in their puberty. Sweat glands are working overtime in their body which creates excellent surface for fungus. Naturally, adolescents who have normal skin, without excessive fat or sweat, will rarely suffer from this condition. As we get older, production of fat is reduced so risk of contracting this illness is decreased.

Tinea versicolor is asymptomatic which means that, besides rash, there will be no further inconvenience such as itching. Fungus usually appears in a form of symmetric spots. Skin may be scaling on the surface, especially if the patient is scratching the area. Rash may spread to neck and face and then to arms.
Ketoderm is one of the best solutions for this particular problem. This drug comes in many forms such as cream, oil, shampoo and ointment. Besides sun fungus, it can also treat other types of fungal infections. Drug is applied on the surface of the skin. However, patient must be careful and avoid applying it on mucous membrane. Depending on the form, different dosage will be recommended. In most cases, patient shouldn’t use it more often than once or twice per day. Use of Ketoderm can result in various side effects. Luckily, most of them are very rare so patients shouldn’t be overly worried.


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