Back To School Deals At Walmart & Double Box Tops #BTSLikeABoss

I cant believe it's that time of year again! Summer has gone by so quickly and my boys will be in school next week. Liam is beginning kindergarten and Josiah will officially be a third grader. Along with getting back on our sleep schedule, we have to prepare in other ways, too, including all of our back to school shopping. Nothing quite compares to the deals we can find at Walmart, so that's always our first stop when getting school supplies, clothes, and snacks. Here are my boys on their first day of school! We were completely prepared with bookbags, school supplies, and clothes that all came from Walmart. It's our one-stop shop for back to school!
Before going shopping, I always make a list of everything we need to purchase while at Walmart. Every single time there is at least one paper product on the list because we, as a family, use them daily. I'm honestly amazed at how much toilet paper boys can use each week and I use paper towels so often that it's not even funny. Last Thursday was our open house day at R.M. Moore Elementary where the boys met their new teachers and received their school supply list. After that, we headed straight to Walmart to buy the rest of the items needed. In addition to the school supply list, the teachers usually give us an additional list of items needed for the classroom. It's important for all the kids to have the supplies needed to start the school year off right. The teachers are also always very thankful for any extra supplies just in case other kids run out. We always end up purchasing Kleenex because that's something I know will be very useful as soon as the weather starts to change and kids begin exchanging germs.

With my shopping list ready to go, I'm able to find the best deals and never forget all the important supplies we need. Just in case parents do not receive a list at open house, Walmart always has school supply lists located near the front of the store. We found as soon as we walked in.
This back to school seasonViva, Kleenex, and Scott have something extra special in store for parents and kids. Do you collect Box Tops for your child's school? We purposely purchase items with Box Tops because they are an important way for schools to earn extra money. In fact, we already have 60 Box Tops saved up just from summer break! So, when you shop at Walmart for your back to school items, be sure to check out items with Box Tops. Plus, you can score double Box Tops when you purchase:

Just look for the double Box Tops on the packaging while at Walmart! With one shopping trip, you'll have a head start on collecting Box Tops for the year. After our huge back to school purchase, the kids were so excited to add their extra Box Tops to our collection. Plus, the kids have more than enough school supplies for not only them, but for their classmates and teachers. Our school actually has a Box Tops contest each year to see which classroom can collect the most, so the kids get very into collecting them at home. It's great to see my boys look through products, practice cutting them with scissors, and counting them all up each week. I'm excited to see just how many we can collect over the next months.
Liam on his first day of school!
Have you gone to Walmart for your Back To School purchases yet? Let us know what deals you've found and how many Box Tops you scored during your visit. If your kids are anything like mine, they are super excited to meet new friends and learn new subjects. As soon as I took Liam into his Kindergarten classroom, he immediately jumped right into the swing of things and was such a big boy! Good luck on your back to school shopping deals and we hope your kiddos have a fabulous school year!


Kay Maher said...

I love Walmart! I buy paper items, clothes, food, tech products - almost everything at Walmart. My boys still have two weeks before they start school. Since they are in high school, we don't get a supply list until they go to school, and get lists from each teacher. For now, all they need is paper and pens!

DealiriousMama said...

Oh, wow! 2 more weeks to go! When I was in school many years ago, we went back much later. The funny thing is that the boys will have a fall break mid-September, only a few weeks after many students are just returning. We love Walmart, too, and shop there all the time. I hope your kiddos have a great school year!

Samantha said...

we also just did back to school shopping- its' so expensive! ahhh!!!! LOL

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