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Disclosure: This article is sponsored by Mezzetta Foods.

December marks that special time of year when joyous memories are made together with friends and family. As a parent, the holidays have become even more special for me. My kids are at the ages where everything is just astonishing to them, from light displays to the arrival of Santa, and I want to make the most out of every single moment. The holidays are a time of love, warmth, happiness, and family. Even though we are busy throughout the year, we always make time for friends and family during the holidays, visiting people we don't usually see during other times of the year. Most importantly, we load up the car and make the trek to NC around December 23rd to visit my parents. The ride is long, but knowing what awaits us each time makes every minute worthwhile.

Come the afternoon of December 25th, the door to my parents' home is full of friends, family, and, of course, food! It never fails that we try a new recipe each and every year, so this time was no different. I had a chance to try out Mezzetta products and couldn't wait to incorporate them into a recipe to remember.

Each year we have the usual holiday food items: ham, turkey, dressing, and assorted vegetables. However, this year my son, Liam, requested something a little different: pasta salad! So, I set out to make a delicious, memorable side dish that everyone would enjoy. There are several Mezzetta products I use often, but my two favorites are the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and huge Pitted Greek Kalamata Olives. I use the EVOO often when cooking as an alternative to vegetable oil and it has a great taste to it. The Mezzetta Kalamata Olives are absolutely amazing and really are HUGE! My oldest son was completely shocked when I purchased them a few years ago for the first time. Our entire family loves olives, so I knew combining these two products would make for a great side dish that everyone would enjoy. Here's my new recipe creation, Mezzetta Holiday Pasta Salad:

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What are your plans for this December? We will be traveling to my parents' house, but also celebrating again at my mother-in-law's house! That makes two incredible dinners for our family and I look forward to every minute each year.


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How did your family like the dish you made? Neither of us are cooks or we'd give it a try.

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