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I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for Sprint. I received a device to facilitate my review. 

Last month I was so excited to attend an event with several other Atlanta bloggers to learn about Virgin Mobile's new Custom plan, which allows users to build their own phone plan exactly the way they want it to be. Of course, I love meeting up with other bloggers and, since my cell phone is with me at all times, I was very interested in learning more about Virgin Mobile. I, personally, had never used Virgin Mobile before, but have always heard great things about their service and plans. Meeting with Sprint/Virgin Mobile executives gave me the opportunity to learn more about them and to also ask questions!
With a room full of bloggers, I wasn't the only one who had questions. Luckily, the executives had everything perfectly planned with a PowerPoint presentation, handouts, and a variety of phones they offer.

In addition to the presentation and questions, we took a moment to eat some of the most delicious food! While we ate, the executives continued with their presentation. I was happily surprised when our lunch plates were replaced by dessert! Believe me, I was stuffed by the time I walked out of the building.
After the event, each blogger received a goody bag containing more information about the Virgin Mobile Custom plan, some other fun gifts like ear phones and a cup, and the big gift was our own cell phone! I couldn't wait to get home and play with my new toy. In addition, we received a $35 credit so we could try out the Custom plan ourselves.

About Virgin Mobile Custom
Plans start at only $6.98 per line, so you can also add on other family member. From there, you have complete control with Virgin Mobile's Custom technology. Do you use your phone more for text messages than talking? You can choose a plan with lower talk minutes and a higher text limit. Do you stay online and need more data? Custom allows you to pick and choose and set limits to your personal likings. As if this wasn't already enough, Virgin Mobile Custom stands out even more because, unlike other plans, you can adjust your plan any time you want. Yes, I said ANY TIME you want! If, in the middle of the month, you realize you didn't use as many talk minutes as you thought you would, simply go in and decrease your talk minute limit. So many other plans only allow you to only adjust up, but not with Custom. You can adjust up or down and you will be reimbursed via credit to your account when adjusting down!

Why This is A Great Option For Kids
My kids are much too young for phones, but not my niece and nephew. My parents made the mistake of giving them phones without any types of limits are controls, which backfired and cost them a ridiculous amount for data overages. With Virgin Mobile Custom, limits are already set, so they cannot go over. In addition, you can control which features they are allowed to use, from apps to texts. Another feature that is quite important is a curfew setting, allowing parents do decide when kids can and cannot use the phone. If you want children to study from 4pm until 6pm, all you have to do is set their phone and usage is blocked during those hours. I absolutely love this feature and, unlike my niece and nephew, I can rest assured at night that my kids aren't sneaking online when they should be sleeping, too! It's a great way to keep connected to your children and also keep them safe.

Staying Social With Custom
As someone who is online a great deal of each day, I am all about social media. Who doesn't check Facebook 500 times a day or go on Twitter to see what is trending? Virgin Mobile goes a step further with Custom's Special Offers by allowing users to choose add-ons to the plan. If you use Facebook as much as I do, you can pay $5 extra for unlimited monthly access to it! This means the time spent on Facebook will not count against your monthly data usage. They also have the option for unlimited Twitter, Instagram, and music, each for an additional $5! Looking at my phone, I noticed over 50% of my monthly data is spent on Facebook, so paying $5 would be a great way to save data for other use. 
Do you make International Calls often? Virgin Mobile Custom has several special minute offers for a variety of countries, including Mexico, Canada, India, and the Dominican Republic. You can also choose a World 100 International plan, which includes several different countries.

Our Thoughts
I received the LG Pulse ($79.99 retail), one of three phones especially made for the Virgin Mobile Custom plan. At such a low price, I was expecting a pretty basic phone, but I was completely wrong. The phone takes great photos, has room for apps, and has a wider screen with a crystal clear picture, making it perfect for watching videos, too. My children have pretty much taken over this phone because it is far superior to my other $600+ phone. I'm quite a fan of the bigger screen, too, making it easier to type text and read captions while watching movies. Since it can also connect to our wireless network at home, I've taken to watching movies on it at night before falling asleep because the battery lasts quite a while.

Setting up the phone was so simple, making the hardest part choosing how to build my plan. I simply set my phone and then it was ready for me to create a Custom account. Just as I explained above, I could choose which options I wanted included in my plan and with $35 to spend, I was able to create the exact plan I wanted with some to spare.

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for Sprint. I received a device to facilitate my review. 


Amy said...

I have never used Virgin Mobile either. But I think that would be great for my Step Daughter. Especially the custom part - that way the usage wouldn't go against the whole plan.

Trista said...

The first phone I had was a Virgin Mobile pre-pay phone. I think that is about the only way I would get my kids a phone right now.

BrettBMartin said...

My first smart phone was with Virgin. We just live in a too-rural area to get great coverage with them but I was very happy with them (really, no one has great coverage where I live)

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