Putting Viva Vantage Paper Towels To The Test @VIVATowels #sp

There are many things I never knew before becoming a parent and even though each child is different, one thing is universally true: children are messy! I'm not sure how this innate ability is instilled, but it comes perfectly bundled up in my two energetic boys who go 100% all day long, playing, running, eating, and being silly. It's just a fact that, at some point during the day, there will be something for me to clean up. No plain old paper towel can keep up with our family. We need something that will clean up messes easily, quickly, and without using an entire roll. That's why I said good-bye to my old paper towels and said hello to Viva Vantage®!

As a stay-at-home-mom, I pretty much come to the kitchen for paper towels several times a day. I need a paper towel that can do it all, be it spills on our kitchen floor, couch, or carpet. I also use paper towels to clean off the dinner table each night, wipe up the bathroom counter, and clean windows/mirrors. Viva Vantage® is a must-have in our home and something that is always at the top of my shopping list.
We put Viva Vantage to the test this week so we could show our readers how well it cleans and absorbs messes. Unlike my old brand, I don't have to use several sheets, which means I spend less money and can get the most bang for my buck, too. As a mom on a budget, I love that you can purchase a 6-pack of Viva Vantage for $6.97 at Wal-Mart. That's where I purchased our paper towels this week. You can also purchase them on Walmart.com for the same price!

Disclosure: This sponsored post was written for Linqia in conjunction with Viva Vantage. Compensation was provided for my honest review. All opinions written are my own.


Amy Orvin said...

My mom really likes Viva Vantage. It really does absorb much better than the other brands.

Julie Wood said...

This is a great price on the Viva paper towels at Walmart. I will have to get these and try them out. They look like very strong paper towels.

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