Spring Cleaning & Donations To Goodwill Make A Huge Impact #7DaysofSpringCleaning

Disclosure: This post was made possible through the support of Goodwill. All opinions are my own. 
Just recently we moved into our new house and have been slowly bring boxes over to unpack. We've had two storage units full of items for over a year and we definitely have our work cut out for us over the next few weeks. I never realized just how much stuff we've accumulated over the years and I knew it was time to get rid of items we no longer use. My first step was organizing Josiah and Liam's room because they had too many toys, many of which were toys they never even played with. My latest project has been organizing our closets. This is how I noticed how many clothes we never wear anymore. My husband has gained a few pounds over the years and many of his dress shirts and slacks do not fit anymore. I, on the other hand, am a clothing and shoe hog, which has taken up a great deal of space in our closet. In fact, it takes up most of the room.
Almost finished cleaning out my closet! I have much more room now.
This weekend I got to work bagging up items from our closet and was astounded at just how many clothes were piled up when I finished. I ended up with two overflowing bins of clothes that were still in great condition, but never worn anymore. Some would just simply throw these items out, but this is NOT what you should do. This spring, when doing all of your cleaning, take a moment to sort out items that could be useful to others. Don't throw them away! Separate useable items and donate them to Goodwill.

For 110 years, Goodwill has thrived on the power of donations and want everyone to know just how important it is to donate. These donations have such a powerful impact and can really change the lives of many people. It's time for all of us to not only donate, but to realize the value of what we donate during Goodwill's Donate Movement with the Ad Council.  Their tagline really says it all: Donate Stuff. Create Jobs. Your donations make such a difference and can even help create jobs for your community. After all, thousands of jobs are created each year through Goodwill.

Using Goodwill's Donation Impact Calculator, I was able to calculate just how important the items could be from our closet. I estimated we had 3 bags of clothes to donate and, after clicking the button, I learned that these clothes could create 3 hours of financial planning classes for those in need. So, not only do our donations mean more jobs, but helping others with their own financial needs so they can learn how to budget and get out of debt. The possibilities are endless. Watch the video to learn more about the impact of donations.

Do you need to organize your home this spring? Now's a great time to check out Goodwill's Donation Impact Calculator and see what a difference you can make just by donating items from your home. Whether you are donating clothes, dishes or even a lamp, you can help change lives and better your own community!

Goodwill would love for everyone to participate in their #7DaysofSpringCleaning by focusing on different areas of their home for seven consecutive days! For example, you could clean out your closet like we did on the first day, get rid of plates, pots and pans you no longer need on the second day and so on. You can even tackle those bookshelves and make more space for new books.

Will you donate to Goodwill this spring? If so, here's a fun quiz for you to take and find out not only your clothing personality, but how best to declutter and organize your closet! Leave a comment and let us know your results!

Disclosure: This post was made possible through the support of Goodwill. All opinions are my own. 


Amy said...

Wow, That calculator is Amazing. I know we are going to have to start going through our house and start Spring Cleaning before Peanut arrives.

Trista said...

This is great! I love shopping at Goodwill I always find some great deals at the stores :)

BrettBMartin said...

We seem to do a Goodwill drop off every Weds and Thurs. - there's one right by where my kids do gymnastics and dance. And I keep purging!

Anonymous said...

Every year I go through our items and my husband brings them to goodwill and he also comes home with something he finds in a goodwill store.

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