Sweet'N Low Truck Events Coming To Your Neighborhood #ad #DontHesitaste

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Sweet’N Low. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.
As a typical southern family, my mom always had sweet tea in the fridge ready for us each and every day. Instead of sugar, she always used Sweet'N Low to perfectly sweeten up the tea and make it delicious. As a result, sweet tea is one of my favorite drinks. My mom taught me so much about cooking and I've taken many of her recipes with me and use them often for my own family, including her sweet tea. Thanks to Influence Central, I was able to be a part of a Sweet'N Low event here in the Atlanta area and couldn't wait to share my experience with readers.

Last Sunday, Sweet'N Low visited Atlantic Station in Atlanta, which just happens to be my favorite place to shop and dine! We were excited to spend a day in the big city and have some fun shopping and eating lunch. As soon as we parked, I saw someone holding samples of sweet tea, so I knew we were nearing the event.
She was directing everyone to the big Sweet'N Low truck a block away and told us to go over for some fun. We turned the corner and immediately saw the bright pink Sweet'N Low truck up ahead. You really couldn't miss it!
All day, the Sweet'N Low truck was putting out some delicious recipes using Sweet'N Low and, I was happy to be there while the fresh sweet tea was being made and handed out to everyone around Atlantic Station. Let me first say that the day was scorching hot and there aren't that many trees around, so a nice glass of sweet tea is not only refreshing, but much needed.
I was with my friend who is diabetic and cannot indulge in many sweets. As we sat sipping our tea, we both remarked that it was not only delicious, but tasted just like sweet tea should. Everyone who was sampling seemed to think the same thing. We even saw some people going back for seconds and I couldn't blame them one bit!

Much to my surprise, there was much more going on than just the sweet tea! 

While sipping sweet tea, guests could take a selfie as part of the Sweet'N Low photo contest. You can also do that from home by taking a photo of your favorite recipe with Sweet'N Low and using the hashtags #DontHesitaste and #contestentry! For official rules, click the link in this paragraph.
Attend A Sweet'N Low Event
From now until September 20th, the Sweet'N Low truck will be heading around the U.S. and visiting different cities! Be sure to check out the Sweet'N Low truck events to see if it will be coming to your neighborhood. You do not want to miss out on these events because they are not only fun, but you can taste some delicious tea, play some games, and even take a selfie for a chance to win.

Receive A Gift
Once you find an event nearby, be sure to remember my blog, Children Teaching Mama. When you attend, let them know you read about it on my blog to receive a free gift. I got one at the event and love it, but I'll keep it a secret so you can be surprised when you go.

Have you ever tried Sweet'N Low? If you have, let me know what you think about it below! If not, give it a try and let me know what you think. In my opinion, it is the best sweetener available and it is also zero calorie! You can't beat that.

Be sure to follow Sweet'N Low on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest Sweet'N Low news, events, and more!


Curing Sun Fungus with Ketoderm

Surface of the human skin is real heaven for microbes. Warm, moist skin is the perfect place for growth and development of fungus. Sweat, fat and dead cells feed billions of tinny organisms. In most cases, we are not even aware of them. But, under certain circumstances fungus, which belongs to our natural flora, can get out of hand and cause certain diseases. One of these conditions is tinea versicolor or sun fungus.
This disease is known also under the name pitryriasis versicolor and it is a chronic surface infection characterized by similar, discolored spots on the upper parts of the body, neck and arms. Doctor Medica and other medical professionals call it a surface disease because it affects only the upper parts of epidermis. Spots appearing on patient’s body are of the same color.

Sun fungus is caused by fungus such as Malasssezia globosa and Malassezia sympodialis. These microorganisms are dimorph which means that they can obtain several different forms. Funguses live only in fatty acids that can be found on human body. This is why we can find it on parts of our skin that are extremely full of fats such as face, chest, upper back and shoulder. It is present in outer layers of skin which we call stratum corneum and which consists of dead cells and hair follicles. Given that fungus cannot penetrate deeper layers of the skin, they will not cause any severe inner infections.

Like any other type of fungus, this disease is common for summer. In tropical regions, it is present during whole year. People, who are prone to this illness, may suffer from it each and every
summer. Hot and moist environment can facilitate development and multiplication of these organisms. Disease is most common for individuals who are in their puberty. Sweat glands are working overtime in their body which creates excellent surface for fungus. Naturally, adolescents who have normal skin, without excessive fat or sweat, will rarely suffer from this condition. As we get older, production of fat is reduced so risk of contracting this illness is decreased.

Tinea versicolor is asymptomatic which means that, besides rash, there will be no further inconvenience such as itching. Fungus usually appears in a form of symmetric spots. Skin may be scaling on the surface, especially if the patient is scratching the area. Rash may spread to neck and face and then to arms.
Ketoderm is one of the best solutions for this particular problem. This drug comes in many forms such as cream, oil, shampoo and ointment. Besides sun fungus, it can also treat other types of fungal infections. Drug is applied on the surface of the skin. However, patient must be careful and avoid applying it on mucous membrane. Depending on the form, different dosage will be recommended. In most cases, patient shouldn’t use it more often than once or twice per day. Use of Ketoderm can result in various side effects. Luckily, most of them are very rare so patients shouldn’t be overly worried.


How To Make Your Stairs Completely Baby Proof

If your child has started crawling, or maybe even walking recently, then the chances are that they have gone straight to the stairs and tried to climb them. It can be a terrifying you in the process. So, with this in mind, here are a few tips to help keep the stairs safe, secure and you relaxed.

Keep Them Away From Stairs (as often as possible)
Ok, starting an article about baby-proofing the staircase in your home with the oh-so-simple advice of ‘keep the baby away from the stairs’, seems more than a little unhelpful. However, this is actually a really very useful suggestion because, by keeping the baby away from the stairs, you are limiting their contact with them and therefore, keeping them safe.

Buy a baby gate (or two)
When babies become toddlers and get more mobile, one of the best ways to protect your baby is by getting a couple of gates to keep them away from the top and also, the bottom of the stairs. The baby gate that you buy will depend on your staircase and your needs; it can be as simple as choosing a wooden gate over a metal gate, or a gate that you can screw into the wall over one that you can screw into to the banister itself. Stores like Tesco stock a variety of different baby gates.

When purchasing a baby gate, be sure to think about your home first and what needs to be done to prepare.

  • Research types of baby gates. If you have an open staircase, look for a 3-in-1 gate, which extends to create a protective playpen around the bottom of the stairs. Please note, pressure mounted baby gates are designed to be used for rooms on the same floor, but not for stairs. 
  • Declutter everything, especially the stairs. Some people use their staircase as a place to store things, like books and clothes, but when you have small children in your home, this cannot be an option. When starting to declutter don’t just limit yourself to the stairs, but also the area around the stairs. 
  • Rearrange furniture. Move furniture and other items that a toddler could climb on to bypass the stair gate and access the stairs, such as bookcases and chairs. Also, make sure that both the entrance and exit of the staircase is clear, so the kids don’t trip. 
  • Don’t forget the railing! The banister can also cause problems, as young children can fall down the stairs if they don’t use it correctly. Look into buying a banister guard — a sheet of clear plastic or netting that covers up all the gaps in the banister — if you think this will be a problem. 
  • Carpet the stairs.  Carpet is much easier for young children to work with and, if they should take a tumble coming down the stairs, it’ll be much softer than hardwood flooring. 
These few hints and tips should allow you to breathe a sigh of relief when your little one starts to crawl around the house. If you properly prepare your home and do your research about baby gates, you can keep your children safe from perhaps the biggest threat to their safety — the stairs.

Image by Dave Herholz used under the Creative Commons License.


Back To School Deals At Walmart & Double Box Tops #BTSLikeABoss

I cant believe it's that time of year again! Summer has gone by so quickly and my boys will be in school next week. Liam is beginning kindergarten and Josiah will officially be a third grader. Along with getting back on our sleep schedule, we have to prepare in other ways, too, including all of our back to school shopping. Nothing quite compares to the deals we can find at Walmart, so that's always our first stop when getting school supplies, clothes, and snacks. Here are my boys on their first day of school! We were completely prepared with bookbags, school supplies, and clothes that all came from Walmart. It's our one-stop shop for back to school!
Before going shopping, I always make a list of everything we need to purchase while at Walmart. Every single time there is at least one paper product on the list because we, as a family, use them daily. I'm honestly amazed at how much toilet paper boys can use each week and I use paper towels so often that it's not even funny. Last Thursday was our open house day at R.M. Moore Elementary where the boys met their new teachers and received their school supply list. After that, we headed straight to Walmart to buy the rest of the items needed. In addition to the school supply list, the teachers usually give us an additional list of items needed for the classroom. It's important for all the kids to have the supplies needed to start the school year off right. The teachers are also always very thankful for any extra supplies just in case other kids run out. We always end up purchasing Kleenex because that's something I know will be very useful as soon as the weather starts to change and kids begin exchanging germs.

With my shopping list ready to go, I'm able to find the best deals and never forget all the important supplies we need. Just in case parents do not receive a list at open house, Walmart always has school supply lists located near the front of the store. We found as soon as we walked in.
This back to school seasonViva, Kleenex, and Scott have something extra special in store for parents and kids. Do you collect Box Tops for your child's school? We purposely purchase items with Box Tops because they are an important way for schools to earn extra money. In fact, we already have 60 Box Tops saved up just from summer break! So, when you shop at Walmart for your back to school items, be sure to check out items with Box Tops. Plus, you can score double Box Tops when you purchase:

Just look for the double Box Tops on the packaging while at Walmart! With one shopping trip, you'll have a head start on collecting Box Tops for the year. After our huge back to school purchase, the kids were so excited to add their extra Box Tops to our collection. Plus, the kids have more than enough school supplies for not only them, but for their classmates and teachers. Our school actually has a Box Tops contest each year to see which classroom can collect the most, so the kids get very into collecting them at home. It's great to see my boys look through products, practice cutting them with scissors, and counting them all up each week. I'm excited to see just how many we can collect over the next months.
Liam on his first day of school!
Have you gone to Walmart for your Back To School purchases yet? Let us know what deals you've found and how many Box Tops you scored during your visit. If your kids are anything like mine, they are super excited to meet new friends and learn new subjects. As soon as I took Liam into his Kindergarten classroom, he immediately jumped right into the swing of things and was such a big boy! Good luck on your back to school shopping deals and we hope your kiddos have a fabulous school year!


Supporting Bladder Leakage With @Depend Silhouette Active Fit #Underwareness #SP

A few years ago, one of my cousins was diagnosed with bladder leakage and, just last year, my mom was, too. Before they were diagnosed, I thought this only happened to people older in age, but that is not true at all. In fact, more people are diagnosed with bladder leakage in their 20s than in their 80s. I actually experienced bladder leakage when pregnant with my last son. Yes, it can be overwhelming and embarassing because there is definitely a stigma attached to bladder leakage. This is why we are a part of the Underwareness campaign with Depend, helping bring awareness sto the stigma, encourage others to embrace themselves, and not to be afraid to wear Depends. 51 million women experience ladder leakage and it is not something that should stop you from living life to the fullest. Depend wants to give people back their freedom and that's exactly what they are doing!
Before purchasing Depend briefs for the first time, the image of an uncomfortable diaper sprung to mind. However, they are the complete opposite. Depend offers a variety of discreet poducts, including their newest addition, Silhouette Active Fit. These have a lower waist rise and not only feel, but look like real underwear. The thin, comfy briefs also come in your choice of black and beige!
Gone are the days of uncomfortable disposable briefs that look like diapers. You can wear Depend Silhouette Active Fit briefs with complete confidence.
As you can see, the Silhouette Active Fit briefs really do look like real underwear. The only difference is that you don't have to worry with washing and folding after use, which makes me like them even more! As soon as I took them out of the box, I was impressed at just how soft they are, too, just like cotton briefs.
Bladder leakage does not have to slow you down or keep you from going out, enjoying life, and having fun. This is what the Underwareness campaign is all about! Depend is entering the second year of the campaign, which is breaking down the stigma and encouraging people to support women with bladder leakage. How can you be a part of this awesome cause? For every photo and video shared using the #Underwareness hashtag and featuring Depend products, Depend will donate $1, up to $3 million, through 2016. The money raised will fund bladder leakage research and education.
Would you like to try Depend Silhouette Active Fit briefs or do you know someone else who would? Get a free sample today and find out just what all the fuss is about and why women love these so much!


Everything You Ever Wanted : A Memoir Review + Book Giveaway

Okay, I admit I don't write book reviews very often, but I do love to read...when I have time. With two kids, it is really hard to sit down and pick up a book, much less actually pay attention to what I'm reading. However, I was given the opportunity to read Everything You Ever Wanted: A Memoir and couldn't wait to check it out. I enjoy reading a variety of subjects, from sci-fi and horror to biographies and memoirs. For those of you wondering what a memoir is, it is a biography or historical account written from personal experiences. In fact, it's like reading someone's diary and that's probably why I enjoy reading them so much. I can take a stroll through someone else's life and really understand what they went through, what they experienced.
As soon as I picked up Everything You Ever Wanted, I was captivated. Jillian Lauren opens up her heart and pours out her life onto each and every page. Jillian had a rough start, dropped out of college, became addicted to drugs, and was even a concubine for a prince! Actually, her first book is Some Girls: My Life in a Harem, which I've heard is a wonderful read and will be the next book I read. Everything You Ever Wanted picks up where the first book left off, chronicling her "second act in life". She married her musician husband, Scott, and they struggled with infertility, something with which I can relate. Ultimately, their love brought them to adopt their amazing son from Ethiopia.

Before I got married, no one told me just how difficult it can be. Jillian doesn't hold back about her life, explains the ups and downs, and embraces the fact that sometimes things just don't work out the way you want. Another reason I enjoyed this book was because she talks about her son and his special needs. Although our experiences with Liam differ vastly, she expresses so many emotions that I, too, have felt over the years.

I don't want to give too much away because this is a must-read for 2015 and one that definitely needs to be added to your reading list. I don't often get emotional or teary-eyed when reading, but Everything You Ever Wanted: A Memoir spoke to me as a parent, a wife, and a caregiver. Jillian Lauren has lead quite an amazing life and I can't wait to see what else will be in store for readers in the future.

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This giveaway will end on Sunday, May 17th at 11:59. The winner will be emailed and must reply within 48 hours to confirm their prize. Good luck, everyone!

Disclosure: This review was written for Jillian Lauren in conjunction with Global Influence. No compensation was received. All opinions written are my own.


Stay Informed About Prostate Cancer & Enter To Win $2000 #sponsored

When my son was only 2 years old, we found out he had cancer. After an MRI came back revealing brain tumors, we were immediately referred to an oncologist for treatment. He has Neurofibromatosis, a disorder causing tumors to form, mainly in the brain before puberty. The oncologist recommended chemotherapy for Liam, so that's what we did and it saved his life. Thankfully, we caught the tumors soon after they formed and were able to get treatment quickly! We learned first-hand just how important it is to visit the doctor, stay up-to-date on screenings, and to stay informed about your health.
My little buddy, Liam
Since Liam's diagnosis, I've learned about several forms of cancer, including prostate cancer, a type of cancer that forms in the prostate, a gland only found in males. With over 1.2 million biopsies performed each year, 240,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and 30,000 result in death, making prostate cancer the 2nd leading cause of cancer related death in the United States. It's scary to think about and something men tend to think of never happening to themselves. Over 2.5 million men in the U.S. are prostate cancer survivors and early detection is very helpful with treatment, which is why Prolaris is an essential part of the treatment process.

What is Prolaris? It is a genetic test for prostate cancer combining traditional risk factors with molecular assessment. There are different forms of prostate cancer and Prolaris can provide a patient with unique information, helping not only determine the aggressiveness of the cancer, but also helping the patient make more informed treatment decisions.

I love my husband and want him around for a very long time, which is why I stay on him about his screenings and health. I know everyone has very busy lives, but it's worth the extra time to stay informed about your health, to learn about prostate cancer, and the treatment options available. 

Enter To Win $2000
How would you like to win $1,000 for yourself and another $1,000 for a friend or family member? All you have to do is sign yourself up and a loved one for a series of 3 emails from Prolaris about prostate cancer. Remember, knowledge is power! Fill out the form below with your email address along with a friend or family member's email address. It's that easy to enter!

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Make A Delicious Dinner For The Entire Family With Hamburger Helper #freebeef #helper #ad

Today’s post is sponsored by Helper, but my love for their Free Ground Beef Rebate option is all my own!
Back when I was in college, I started grocery shopping for myself, which was a huge learning experience in itself! My roommate and I decided to try Stroganoff Hamburger Helper on a whim one day and it became an instant favorite for us. As students, we were on a very small budget and Hamburger Helper was not only within our price range, but was a tasty treat after a hard day at school. Not to mention, it is so simple to make that even someone like me, who is cooking impaired, can figure it out and have dinner on the table in no time.

Now that I have two school-aged children, we are constantly at school or other activities, leaving little time to prep for a big dinner. Plus, the boys and my husband are all very picky eaters, so the worst is spending hours making a dinner only for them not to eat any of it. I'm sure you can relate to this!

Earlier this week, the boys and I went to the grocery store to stock up on food. Of course, we had to replenish our supply of Hamburger Helper, including their favorites, Stroganoff and Cheeseburger Macaroni.


Champion For Kids Helps Provide Healthy Snacks For Kids #SnacksForStudents @Champions4Kids

Disclosure: This post was written for the #SnacksForStudents SIMPLE Giving program by Champions for Kids in conjunction with The Motherhood. A gift card was given for donation purposes. All opinions written are my own.

I was so excited to learn more about the Champion For Kids program because they do so much for children. I know what it is like to struggle financially and have relied on the kindness of others to get through each month. When Liam was on chemotherapy and we were at the doctor almost every day, providing healthy snacks for our boys was more than difficult. Now that Liam is doing better and even began pre-k this year, we wanted to do our part to give back. That's why we were more than happy to have his school, the Ralph Bunche Center, sign up as part of the Champions For Kids SIMPLE Giving program.
SIMPLE Giving began last year in central Arkansas Walmart stores and has now extended to many stores across the United States. The idea behind the Snacks For Students program is to provide schools with healthy snacks for over 10 million children in 2015! Last year alone they served over 5.6 million through in-store donations, service projects and community events. Now, you have a chance to help make their new goal a reality.

Champions for Kids, General Mills, Kellogg's, Emerald and Kettle Chips have joined together to make it simple for communities to provide basic resources for students via in-store donations. They want us to see just how easy it is to pick up a few extra items when shopping at Walmart. There are many children in need and the SIMPLE Giving program aims to help as many of these children as possible.

How can you help?
While shopping at more than 3,600 participating Walmart stores, you can purchase snacks and breakfast items for children and place them in designated donation bins located at the front of stores. There are community youth-based organizations and schools around your own community who will receive these donations. In addition, Champions for Kids, General Mills, Kellogg's, Emerald and Kettle Chips will award a total of $45,000 to participating school districts and youth-based organizations based on donations made at each store. So, if you donate, you have the potential to earn even more donations for your community! One snack, juice pack, or box of cereal can really make a difference in the lives of children.
We headed to our local Walmart in Canton, Georgia for our weekly shopping trip and to purchase our donations just recently. After talking to the manager at our store, I found out that they did not have a box set up due to the recent weather and shipping issues. That's okay because you can still buy a few items and drop them off at your local youth-based organization or school if you do not see a box.
The boys were ready to go shopping and picked the biggest cart possible when we got there. We headed around the store and searched for healthy snacks that the kids would love. The Pre-k program at Ralph Bunche has breakfast, snack time, and also lunch while at school, so Liam was very helpful with picking out the types of snacks they eat while there.
As you can see, Josiah was also quite excited. Cheerios are a huge hit in our home, so we were sure to get several boxes of those along with Rice Krispies, some juice boxes, chips, apples, and more. Needless to say, we had an entire cart full of goodies by the time we left.

We are dropping off all of our donations this afternoon, so check back for more photos in just a few hours. I can't wait to carry all the items into Ralph Bunche and hope the kids enjoy all of the healthy snacks. 


Celebrate #HeartHealthMonth with Cheerios + Ancient Grains & $15 Paypal Cash #Giveaway #ad #HealthySnacksHealthyHeart

Last year my husband had a wake-up call when the doctor explain to him that his lifestyle had to change immediately. He is a lawyer by profession, one of the most stressful jobs on the planet. That, coupled with his diet and lack of exercise, was not doing his body any favors. He'd gained quite a few pounds since we met many years ago and was also suffering from high blood pressure, so we knew it was time for us to become heart healthy.

My boys, including my husband, are all very picky eaters, so thinking outside the box has always been a must when in the kitchen. I thought eating healthier would make this more difficult, but it actually opened us up to a world of new food and recipe possibilities. Heart-healthy foods are those low in fats, sodium, and other ingredients that are bad for heart. There are many delicious foods that fit into this category, including three great new products from General Mills: Cheerios™ +Ancient Grains, Gluten Free Chex™ Granola Mix, and Nature Valley® Nut Crisp Bars.
Yesterday was our weekly shopping day, so I loaded up the kiddos and headed to our neighborhood Publix. We love our Publix and have gotten to know almost everyone at the Laurel Canyon location because they are so friendly. My kids actually look forward to going shopping there, which is a total miracle and makes shopping so much easier. Our first stop was the breakfast aisle for cereal. I was super excited to get our Cheerios™ +Ancient Grains because I love all Cheerios and wanted to give these a try.

As you can see from the photo, they were on sale this week (a buy one, get one free special). Plus, you can print the $.75 off Cheerios Publix coupon making them $1.44 a box! What a bargain!

Cheerios™ + Ancient Grains is so appealing to me not only because my husband and I love whole grains, but it also only has 5 grams of sugar! This delicious cereal contains quinoa, oats, KAMUT wheat, and spelt, making this a wholesome treat for the entire family. I knew exactly what I wanted to create with my new cereal and got to work on it as soon as I got home.

Fresh Fruit & Cheerios + Ancient Grains Probiotic Yogurt Shooters
This is a super easy recipe and something you can throw together for breakfast or snack time. You can use your choice of fruit and yogurt. I, however, love vanilla yogurt with bananas, grapes, and apples. Strawberries and blueberries are also great when in season. I didn't have shooter glasses, so I used some reusable containers that make a perfect snack size.
Fresh Fruit
1 cup Vanilla Yogurt
Cheerios + Ancient Grains
Just chop up your fruit to the desired size:
Then, create layers by placing a handful of one fruit, 2 teaspoons of yogurt, another fruit, etc. When you get to the top, add your Cheerios + Ancient Grains! This way they stay crunchy until it's time to eat. As you can see, I made two different cups. One has more yogurt added in for myself, but my kiddos prefer more fruit than yogurt, so the other is for my son. You can really make these to your own liking. That's the great thing about this recipe. Cheerios + Ancient Grains make a perfect topping for yogurt!

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Disclosure: The information, products and Publix gift cards were provided by General Mills through Linqia.

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